Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Desk To Dancefloor Makeup

Hello everyone!

I'm sure we've all been in the situation where we've been at work and you've been invited on a night out that same day. It can be a nightmare when you don't have time to re do your makeup before hitting the town, so today I'm sharing some ways in which you can transform your daytime makeup look so that it's dancefloor ready.

One of the easiest ways to transform your makeup look is with eyeliner, whether that's a perfectly precise cat wing or a smoky lower lash line. If you are confident with doing winged liner then definitely go for that, but I always end up messing my wings up which is why I rarely wear it. When I am wearing liner then 99% of the time it will be Kat Von D.  An easier eyeliner option is to take a pencil eye liner and apply it to your bottom lash line, and then smudge it out with a brush or even just your finger. I love the Korres Shimmering Eyeliner as it's a true black shade and also has a hint of shimmer which is perfect for a night out. It's amazing how much eyeliner can transform your whole look!

Sometimes you don't want to be walking round the office with a blinding coloured highlight, or maybe you do! Either way, I absolutely love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit as the shades are packed full of glitter. Just look at how gorgeous the icy blue and lavender highlighters are!

I have been loving Nip + Fab lip products recently as they're long lasting and come in some beautiful shades. I decided to include two very different shades in this post; one nude and one deep red shade. The nude, Toffee, is a lovely sandy brown shade. Red Velvet is a true deep red and I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on all skin tones. I got both of my shades from the Nip + Fab Lip Wardrobe however I couldn't find it on the Superdrug website anymore, but it is currently being sold by TK Maxx.

Those are some of my favourite products for transforming my makeup from day time to night time! What are your essential night time makeup products?

Shop this post: Korres Shimmering Liner (£9.00) // Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (£16.00) // Kat Von D Ink Liner (£16.00) // Anastasia Beverly Hills Aurora Glow Kit (£41.00) // Nip + Fab Matte Lip Wardrobe (£9.99)

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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Makeup Collection: Foundations

Hello everyone!

I am back with another installment of my makeup collection series. I am going to be going in the order of which I apply my makeup; so next up are my foundations.

Kat Von D Lock It Foundation:
This foundation is my all time favourite foundation, and I use it near enough every day. It's really full coverage and lasts all day without even looking the slightest bit different. I am so said because the tube that I am using at the moment is almost empty, but luckily I have a back up bottle ready to crack open. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation:
I am a huge fan of the original Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation so I recently picked up the Breathale version to try. I wasn't really sure what to expect as a do like a full coverage look and this is described as a medium coverage, but I was pleasantly surprised. It feels a lot lighter on the skin than the original foundation does, and it can be built up to a really nice coverage too. The applicator is a bit different for a foundation but I actually do like it for dotting the foundation around my skin. All in all I really do like this and I think I will be adding it to my travel makeup bag:)

Milani Conceal & Perfect 2 in 1 Foundation & Concealer:
If you are after a really full coverage foundation that is half the price of the Kat Von D foundation then this is definitely the foundation for you! This is the most full coverage drugstore foundation that I own, and it is very similar to the Kat Von D foundation- both in consistency, coverage and longevity. Milani is primarily an American drugstore brand but thankfully it's available on Beauty Bay here in the UK. My tube is nearly empty so I must buy another one, or two, very soon!

GOSH Foundation Drops:
I do like a thicker consistency when it comes to foundation as that is the type of foundation which is going to stay put on your face all day, but this one is completely at the other end of the scale. It is very watery and lightweight, but it does still have a nice coverage to it. It doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation when I wear this. It is a medium coverage foundation with just one layer but when you add a second layer it is definitely full coverage, and also a very dewy finish too. I do find myself applying powder throughout when I wear this as it's thinner consistency means that it can slide around just a little, so this definitely isn't going to see you through a 12 hour day, but it is okay if you only wear makeup for a few hours per day. 

GOSH Foundation Plus+:
I haven't really used this foundation all that much so it is definitely one that I need to try out a little bit more. From what I can remember this is a medium coverage foundation which blends out quite effortlessly. I do think that this is on the pricier side considering the bottle is very small, and you do need to use that little bit extra if you want a more fuller coverage. I definitely wouldn't use this on a daily basis or I would go through so many bottles! 

MUA Skin Define Matte Perfect Foundation:
This is the most affordable foundation in my makeup collection at the moment. It does tend to oxidise on me a little throughout the day, but when I first apply this it looks really nice. It doesn't have the most coverage in the world but I like this when I don't want a really heavy makeup look as it does make my skin look good, but it still looks like my skin at the same time. With a little bit of concealer this foundation can look really great. 

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation:
When I was adding the link of this foundation to this blog post I noticed that this foundation seems a little more expensive than usual. It is £33.50 on the Debenhams website, and I'm pretty sure that it has went up by a pound or so. I haven't used this foundation in a little while as I have been using my Kat Von D foundation, but I used to use this all of the time. There is only a tiny bit of foundation left in this bottle but I definitely need to get this out a bit more because I forget how much I love this sometimes. It's got a great coverage, a little less than the Kat Von D, but I like that because it looks natural but flawless at the same time. It's also mattifying and I find that this is one of the very few foundations where I don't need to apply any powder throughout the day. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr Foundation:
I mentioned the breathable version of this foundation earlier on in this post, and now I am going to be talking about the original version which I have been using for such a long time now. Compared to the other foundation, this is a little heavier on the skin but it still doesn't feel uncomfortable to wear. It has the exact same consistency to the other foundation and it pretty much has the same level of coverage too. 

LA Girl Pro Coverage HD Foundation:
This has got to be the most illuminating foundation I own, which normally I wouldn't like. I do usually like a matte foundation but ever since I discovered this I was completely converted. This is perfect in the Summer time, and was my go to foundation on holiday last year, as it gives me such a healthy glow which looks really natural. The shade is a little dark for all year round use but it's perfect for when I'm on holiday and I'm a little bit more tanned, and I can always use a foundation lightener too:)

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation:
I must admit that the packaging of this foundation is a tad cheap looking for a Maybelline foundation. It's not an expensive foundation but I hate foundations that are in cheap looking tubes. This foundation is a fuller coverage although the formula is very runny, which means it gets all over the place whilst I'm trying to screw the lid back onto the tube. A pump bottle would be so much easier but I don't let that effect my opinion of this foundation too much. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Foundation:
The Collection Lasting Perfection concealer is one of my all time favourite concealers as it is really high coverage and looks amazing, especially on the under eyes, so you would think that the matching foundation would be just as great. When I first got this foundation I thought that it would be just like the foundation but unfortunately it just didn't live up to expectations for me. I have kept this in my makeup collection as I wanted to give it a second chance, but I think I may just pass it on to someone else who likes a more natural looking foundation and therefore will enjoy it a bit more than me. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation:
Last but not least; the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation. I have been using this ever since I started wearing makeup many years ago (don't worry though, it's not the same tube!). I love the mousse consistency of this as it's really easy to blend over the face, offers a good coverage and is really lightweight. I think I want to start using this foundation more often as I really enjoyed it back in the day, and it works perfectly with my Holy Grail powder; the Rimmel Stay Matte.

So, those are all of my foundations I own at the moment! Do you own any of these? What do you think of them? 

Until next time,
Emily xo

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Jewellery Picks

Hello everyone!

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you may recall seeing this post a few weeks ago. That's right- I did upload this on the 11th February! There were a lot of things that I wasn't happy with in regards to the content and the photos, so I decided to take that post down and write a fresh one to upload today. So, now you know the story behind this blog post; I hope you enjoy:)

Pandora Classic Elegance Silver Studs:
Pandora is definitely my favourite store to shop for jewellery as their items are really great quality, and they're not crazy expensive. I am going to be featuring two of my favourite Pandora items in this post; the first being these gorgeous earrings. I got these earrings for my Birthday and I absolutely love them. I love the way they glisten in the sun light, and they look so much more expensive than what they actually were. 

Pandora Silver Beaded January Birthstone Ring:
My other favourite Pandora item is my birthstone ring, which I have had for quite a while now. I wear this every single day, and if I don't have it on then I feel lost! This is such a simple ring and goes with all of my outfits. 

Kingsley Ryan Silver Lightning Bolt Earrings:
I bought two pairs of Kingsley Ryan earrings from ASOS at the beginning of the year, and I am completely obsessed with them. I had never heard of this brand before I picked these up, but I will definitely be buying more items from them. The first pair of earrings are simple lightning bolts. I definitely wear these the most out of all of my earrings, they just look so lovely. 

Kingsley Ryan Silver Leaf Drop Hoop Earrings:
The other earrings I have from Kingsley Ryan are actually hoops. When I saw these online I absolutely fell in love with them. I love the level of detail that the leaves have. I have only worn these once or twice so I definitely need to wear them more often as they are great. 

Anna Saccone Silver Zodiac Capricorn Necklace:
This necklace has been a part of my jewellery collection for over 3 years now, and I still love it just as much as I did back then. It goes everywhere with me and I couldn't imagine not wearing it everyday. 

New Look Silver Skinny Rings Set:
I am all about affordable jewellery so when I saw a pack of 12 rings on New Look for under £6 I immediately snapped them up. They look just as good as my Pandora rings and I love stacking them up. 

Do you wear jewellery? What are your favourite pieces?

Shop this post: Pandora Classic Elegance Silver Studs (£55.00) // Pandora Silver Beaded January Birthstone Ring (£40.00) // Kingsley Ryan Silver Lightning Bolt Earrings (£5.00) // Kingsley Ryan Silver Leaf Drop Hoop Earrings (£6.00) //Anna Saccone Silver Zodiac Capricorn Necklace (£54.00) // New Look Silver Skinny Rings Set (£5.99)

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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Degustabox | February 2018*

Hello everyone!

We are now in the month of March but I just couldn't let the month go by without reviewing the February Degustabox before I receive this month's box. I have been so busy lately that I just didn't get a chance to review the box as soon as it arrived like I usually do- but better late than never, right?!

True Nopal Cactus Water (RRP £3.49):
Cactus water is something that I have never tried before, and it did sound a little strange to me when I first looked at it. I must say, I was actually pleasantly surprised as I seemed to enjoy this water. It tastes a bit like watered down cranberry juice and was nice and refreshing too. 

Primrose's Kitchen Raw Beetroot and Ginger Muesli (RRP £4.99):
This is advertised as the 'product of the month' for the February 2018 Degustabox. This is the one product in the box which I have actually not got round to trying yet but I am keen to try this and see what I think. 

Dr. Karg's Organic Emmental Cheese & Pumpkin Seed Crispbread (RRP £2.00):
I do like a good crispbread as a snack as they're really tasty and filling too. I really enjoyed these crispbreads with a bit of margarine on them. I knew that I would enjoy these as soon as I spotted them in my box!

The Protein Ball Co. Cherry + Almond (2 x RRP £1.99):
I am not a fan of these protein balls if I'm honest. They do taste like cherry bakewell, as advertised, but I don't really like cherry bakewell so I knew from the outset that I wouldn't enjoy these. I know that a lot of people would like these though as cherry bakewell is a fairly popular dessert in the UK.

Emily Crunchy Red Apple Crisps (RRP £0.99):
I was excited to see a familiar product in this month's box. I bought some dried banana crisps from this brand in the airport last year when I went on holiday, and I enjoyed them a lot. These apple crisps were just as yummy; and not too unhealthy either!

Indie Bay Snacks Pretzel Bites (RRP £2.49):
I'm usually not a fan of pretzels or pepper but I'm happy to say that these taste amazing and I have been snacking on these a lot recently. I was so surprised that I actually liked these and I would buy these again as they're low in calories but very tasty. 

Tootsie Roll Midgees (RRP £2.50):
I love trying out new American candy which I wouldn't get to try here in the UK otherwise. I have heard a lot about Tootsie Rolls and I can understand why they are very popular over in America. They were a little hard to chew but that only allowed me to really taste the flavour, and I ate less because they took so long to eat haha!

Haribo Fruitilicious (2 x RRP £1.29):
I love Haribo's so I was happy when I saw not one but two bags in my box. These taste just like any other Haribo sweet- delicious!

Kit Kat Chunky New York Cheesecake (RRP £0.65):
I did taste this Kit Kat before my Dad ate it with a cup of tea and I have to day that it didn't really taste any different from a regular Kit Kat. Don't get me wrong, it was nice, but it didn't have that much of a New York Cheesecake flavour to me.  

Vimto Millions (RRP £2.99):
These Vimto Millions did feature in the October 2017 Degustabox so I'm not sure why they're already in other box of theirs. They are nice to have in your bag and chew on throughout the day but I would have liked to have received a different product that I've never tried before. 

I hope you all enjoyed this review of the February 2018 Degustabox. You may notice that I did change it up a little as I decided it would be nice to do individual reviews on each product, so that is what I'm going to be doing from now on:) What are your favourites from this month's box?

Shop this post: Degustabox

Until next time,
Emily xo 

*The products featured in this review were sent to me for review however all opinions remain my own!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Makeup Collection: Primers

Hello everyone!

You may recall that I posted a makeup collection blog post in January, but I didn't really get a chance to go into too much detail about my makeup products. I thought that it would be a good idea to do dedicated blog posts on each section of my makeup collection, starting with my primers, and that way I can write individual reviews for each product too. I hope you all enjoy this new series:)

L'Oreal Infallible Mattifying Primer:
I have had this primer for such a long time and I am only half way through the tube. To be honest, I had completely forgotten about this primer until I was sorting through my makeup in preparation of my makeup collection posts. From what I remember, I really liked this primer as the formula is really light and makes my skin feel super soft. It is slightly thinner than the Benefit Porefessional but does a very similar job, so if you are on a budget and really like the Porefessional then you might just want to give this a try, 

ELF Neutralising Green Primer:
This primer has a very similar consistency to the Porefessional; it's even more similar than the L'Oreal primer I just talked about. This is fairly new to my makeup collection but it has very quickly became one of my favourite primers. It really does do a great job at minimising redness and overall improves how my makeup both applies and lasts throughout the day. 

B. Cosmetics Popping Candy Highlighting Serum:
Unfortunately this primer has been discontinued, but I am still including it in this post as it is part of my makeup collection after all. I was obsessed with this primer for such a long time as it is such a multi use product. I love applying this all over my face for a really dewy look and I also like mixing it with my foundation in the Summer time for a super healthy glowy look too. It's also really moisturising and hydrates the skin. 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer:
I am actually running low on this primer and desperately need to repurchase. I use this primer almost everyday as it is really reliable and guaranteed to keep my makeup in the same place all day. It absorbs into my skin really quickly and feels moisturising too. It's almost like a glue consistency and I think that the tacky formula is what keeps my makeup from wearing off. 

Benefit Porefessional:
I would totally use this primer on a daily basis if it wasn't so pricey, £27.50 is quite a lot for an everyday face primer! The formula is what I look for in a primer; light and soft. It applies on the skin beautifully, noticeably reduces the appearance of pores and mattifies the skin all at the same time. 

LA Girl Pro Prep HD Primer:
LA Girl is a brand which I really enjoyed discovering throughout last year. I do really enjoy this primer although I haven't been using it all that much recently as I have been testing out the ELF primer I previously mentioned. This isn't a groundbreaking primer but it does the job, and I like when products live up to their promises. It blurs the skin and creates a lovely canvas for applying makeup.

That is my primer collection! I don't own too many primers but the ones that I do own I really like. What is your go to primer?

Until next time,
Emily xo 

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